I Booked a Mystery Wowcher Holiday So You Don’t Have To

Let’s Cover the Booking, the Reveal, and the Trip of our £99 Mystery Wowcher Holiday

The Booking

This was fairly simple. I have the Wowcher app so I paid in-app. It was £129 per person, and I’m fairly sure you have to book a minimum of two.
Once you purchase on Wowcher, you’re emailed a code and a link that takes you to Weekender Breaks. On this link is where you input your desired airport*, dates, and all of your information.

*NOTE. You must be very flexible with dates, even if you input a variety on the website. We asked to go in May, and the only dates we were given was 8th April.

Wowcher will tell you when the “draw” is, and from there they tell you to wait 10 working days for Weekender Breaks to call you to let you know where your mystery location is. I had to chase after 14 days…

The Reveal

I was called in the middle of the afternoon by Deepika from Weekender Breaks. This call was where my expectations dropped dramatically…

Firstly, we were offered 3 countries before finding one we were actually able to go on: “You could go to Naples/ Mallorca/ Budapest…actually that’s not available.”

Then, once we had confirmed that we’d be heading to Berlin, they got our airport completely wrong. We stated when booking that we could fly from London Gatwick, and they’d booked us on a flight departing from Manchester. Safe to say I panicked, so we were finally able to get booked on a flight to Vienna – hooray!

For full transparency, they were trying to up-sell me the entire time. Extra days, hotel upgrade, better flight times etc etc all came at an extra cost, and I was being pushed to leave a review several times via telephone and email.

The Trip

I didn’t have high hopes. We were given The Best Western Amedia Wien as our “free upgrade” which was an hour walk from the city, and a 50 euro taxi from the airport.

Our flight was delayed. Now, this absolutely wasn’t a fault on Wowcher’s part, or even Wizz Air. But that did mean that all public transport had stopped for the night, so I had no choice than to get a taxi.

The hotel itself was decent, despite the location. Nice, clean rooms, and good facilities overall. It was also next door to a Lidl, so eating was very affordable while we were there.

Vienna was gorgeous, and I’d encourage anyone to visit. The dates we were given worked in our favour, as the Viennese clearly loved Easter celebrations, so mid-April is an amazing time to visit.

Would I Recommend a Mystery Wowcher Holiday?

Overall, no. It would have been much easier, quicker, and cheaper to book it myself. For reference, the flights were £14 return pp, and the hotel was £30 pn, so what actually would have cost the two of us £118 total ended up being £358 because I paid £50 pp for an extra night.

Admittedly, the concept of someone else choosing our destination was very fun, and for that alone it may be worth doing once, but I doubt I’d do it again. Although, the excited reveal was a bit of a shambles, so that was tainted for me personally.

Writing from the sky,

Wish You Were Here X


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